Best rose scented perfumes

Rose petal extract is thought of as a classic perfume component. It seems that it is no longer possible to surprise fans of compositions containing a note of a rose. But talented perfumers arrange the floral scent so elegantly and skillfully that one can only admire the unusual play of the rose chord. I want to share with you the best rose scented perfumes – interesting modern combinations and proven classic perfumes.

Essence № 1 Rose, Elie Saab

A curious variation on a given topic in the new Elie Saab niche collection – La Collection des Essences. You can’t ignore this perfume: firstly, the author of Essence No. 1 Rose (as well as the three other fragrances included in the collection) is perfume guru Francis Kurkdjian (among his creations are Elizabeth Arden: Green Tea, Lanvin: Rumeur, Nina Ricci: L’Extase). And secondly, in the center of the composition, Francis generously placed four types of roses – Turkish, Bulgarian, Damask and cabbage rose – skillfully wrapping them in warm chords of vanilla and cedar.Elie-Saab

Roses De Chloe, Chloe

Over the past decade, all products of the brand have been devoted to the “Queen of Flowers”. Every Chloe perfume contained the note of the rose which played out in its own way, and each time the flower revealed new facets of its beauty and delicate aroma. Chloe Roses De Chloe was no exception. This is one of the best rose scented perfume. The perfume composition starts by revealing a note of gentle, sour-sweet bergamot. Heart notes – sweet damask rose and intoxicating magnolia joins its aroma. The perfume leaves a magnificent sillage woven of salty amber and pure white musk.

Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum, Chanel

The list of best rose scented pefumes can’t be complete without this amazing perfume, I remeber how my granddad presented me with this pefume when I turned 18! This was the best present for coming of age. I believe that this perfume may be characterised by the following words: fascination of youth. The perfume composition skillfully combines floral and chypre chords. The notes of oakmoss perfectly complement the note of the rose, the perfume sounds warmly and softly. The top notes of the perfume reveal light citrus chords. They also include shades of orange flowers and orange peel, tangerine juice and bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is solely ruled by flowers: rose petals, bittersweet jasmine, exotic ylang-ylang, and sparkling mimosa. The density and saturation of the perfume are provided by the rich base, which includes sweet notes of tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli. They are supplemented by passionate and saturated animal notes – musk and opoponax, tinted by smoky vetiver.


Aoud Roses Petals, Montale

All tea-rose lovers will definitely appreciate the fragrance offered by the Montale perfume brand. Pierre Montale is the author or aroma compositions and he shows his personal view on the popular fragrant components and creates unexpected but pleasant perfume combinations.

Fragrance Aoud Roses Petals captivates with a fragrant extravaganza that starts with rich notes of tea-rose and gardenia, subdued by a persistent musky accent. Accords of strict white amber follow the lead, after a while, they turn into a subtle oud wood sillage. Elite Eau de Parfum Aoud Roses Petals surrounds its proprietress with a light, almost weightless, but at the same time rich and exclusive aroma. With it, any woman will feel like a queen, possessing natural beauty and dazzling charm.

Rose Lumière, Armand Basi

The Spanish brand Armand Basi is clearly not indifferent to roses – Rose Glacee was released in 2011, and two years later, the perfume collection was replenished with Rose Lumière perfume, which is included in my list of best rose scented perfumes.
The main character of the aromatic formula is the rose as the embodiment of femininity, luxury, and grandeur. This perfume has all the right to be called a classical floral perfume. The originality of the composition is ensured by oceanic and aquatic notes that give the perfume freshness and peppy sound. The top part of the olfactory pyramid includes well-recognizable aquatic notes, fruity shades of juicy mandarin and astringency of ivy. Heart notes incorporate rosy water, cyclamen, and water lily. The richness of sillage is conveyed with basic chords of white musk, white cedar, and sandalwood.

Rose Goldea, Bvlgari

Spherical rose in a vacuum. Without obvious sticky sweetness, which may be annoying sometimes. No sad minor chords. Just a rose, as most people understand it. Dressed in peony, jasmine and a small amount of unsweetened fruits (pomegranate and bergamot) on a substrate of sandalwood, musk, olibanum and a modest pinch of vanilla. At the same time, it is not monotonous, not straightforward. An excellent option to cover the need for rose scented perfumes, and it is quite affordable.

Stella McCartney, Stella

Just for the record, it was Stella who returned the popularity of rose in lux niche in the 2000s. Then rose was a prerogative of niche brands. Stella bribes with its simplicity, it has just four notes: tangerine, rose, peony, and amber. Rose is a queen here, tangerine gives it a little sourness, peony brings tenderness while amber adds sensuality. Crystal rose is tender and feminine, it delights and lingers in the memory. A mysterious scent of a woman’s happiness.

Perfumes with rose notes are always on spot, they are universal and you can’t get tired of them, because there are so many varieties, you may definitely find the option for yourself.

With love,