Today we are going to speak about essential oils and their use for improving your state, mood, increasing your wellbeing.

First of all I want to tell you one thing: I am not a crazy person who thinks that you can heal any disease with herbs and essential oils, you may judge me for that, but I believe in science and medicine, I rely on it, and I am grateful that we live now and can use the benefits of modern medicine. When I am talking about using scents for wellbeing improvement, I only mean some corrections to your present state, whether you feel discouraged, sad, nervous, unable to concentrate and other conditions that can be easily fixed with the help of aromatherapy.essential-oils

What are the essential oils?

First of all, let’s find out what are the essential oils?
Essential oils are extracted from the leaves, flowers and other parts of the plant. If you take some plant, rich with essential oil, (lavender for example) and twist it around in your fingers you can feel some aromatic oily moisture on your fingers. This is the essential oil. There are a lot of ways how to extract this “essence” of the plant, for example, distillation or cold pressing.

Use of high-quality essential oils

If you consider using essential oils for your body care and you need a perfect scent for wellbeing, you should know the following:

1) There are around 3000 plants that are used for extracting essential oils. Some commercial companies may deceive you by putting essential oils on the market, which don’t exist in nature! Note that essential oils of violets, apple blossoms, lilac, lily of the valley, peach, apricot, linden, lotus, magnolia, fern, coconut, mango, banana, strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, melon, cucumber do not exist in nature!
2) Secondly, pure essential oils don’t have bright colors and residue, they are not solvable in water and don’t leave an oily trace on a paper, they have a strong smell, and they are transparent as a rule or can be slightly colored.
It is strongly recommended to store essential oils in dark and dry places because sunlight and moisture can destroy the finest molecular networks of the oil.
Shelf life is not limited. But the essential oils are fugative.


How to use essential oils

If you want to use revitalizing scents for wellbeing improvement, you should note the ways of its application.

Essential oils, in general, should go with the instructions and precautions, they are not for internal use.

You can apply them to the skin, hair, add them into shampoo, body creams and lotions, apply them on a wooden comb for combing your hair, inhale it and use it in aroma lamps.

In the next section, I am going to tell you about my favorite essential oils and how I use them in my everyday life and how they affect my mental and physical health.


What scents can you use for your wellbeing?

1) Lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil has a special place in my life and on my shelf. This was the first essential oil I tried in my life when I only began to grow my interest in essential oils a couple of years ago.

The main properties of lavender essential oil are that it calms you down, helps to concentrate and gives you better sleep. The manufacturer of the oil that I bought (it’s from the Russian company, but I will do updates on other manufacturers later) also claims that it has an antibacterial, antiallergic, antiseptic effect (lavender oil gives me the feeling of after shower purity).

I generally use it for calming down and better sleep in the following ways:

1) I take a cotton pad and drop two drops of oil on it and place near the bed, which helps me to stay relaxed and sleep soundly;

2) I drop a couple of oil drops into the aroma lamp and heat it for a couple of minutes;

3) I use it for meditation, to get relaxed and concentrated on the purpose of my meditation: I drop one drop of oil on my palm and lightly touch it with another palm, then I lift my palms to my nose and inhale the scent, make sure that you don’t inhale it too close, it may be uncomfortable, the scent may be too poignant, so make sure to find the right distance between your nose and your palms.

4) One more way I use lavender oil, I simply drop a few drops into a bucket of water before washing the floor. This procedure helps to fight tiny insects and leaves the place fresh and fragrant.lavender

2) Ylang-ylang essential oil 

Also my favorite, ylang-ylang essential oil has many beneficial properties, for instance, it is good for skin and hair, it also has a general toning effect.

I use it generally for skincare by adding few drops of it into a neutral baby cream (2 drops per 10 mm of cream) and apply this cream on my hands paying extra attention to the cuticles.

I also may apply this oil to my wooden comb and comb my hair with it around 100 times. This helps to make my hair look shiny and healthy.


3) Clove essential oil 

I found amazing properties of clove essential oil this summer, when I was hopelessly fighting with mosquitoes, I tried using anti-mosquito plugs-in but they kept breaking down and I turned to some natural helpers, I also placed a cotton pad with a few drops of clove essential oil near my bed, and it protected me from annoying insects all night long.

Besides this, clove essential oil is good for the toothache, you can take a cotton wool ball, soak it in water or vegetable oil, and add a few drops of clove oil, and apply it to the tooth masticatory surface.

In general, its scent brightens up my mood, because it reminds me of happy childhood days and mom’s kitchen cupboard for it always smelled like cloves.


In conclusion…

I welcome you to try these essential oils in your everyday life, they may improve your condition, provide better sleep and relaxation or tone you up.

This is just the first article on using scents for wellbeing, naturally, there will be more where I will share my experience on using essential oils, you are very welcome to share your own experience in the comments below, I will be happy to hear from you,

All the best,