Fall is here and winter is coming. It’s going to be quite cold, gray and depressing. BUT, there is always something you can do to avoid these unpleasant winter side-effects. For instance, to drink a cup of delicious coffee with a flavorful pie, to sit wrapped in a blanket watching the favorite TV show with a purring cat by your side or you can go to the fragrance shop and choose the best perfume for winter that will warm your thoughts and make your spirits go up!


Which perfume is the best for winter?

A little bit of theoretical stuff. First of all in winter our skin gets dry and not so hot as in summer, which means that light and not concentrated scent will not be so distinct. Think about more concentrated and heavy perfumes. Cold season is definitely the time for bright and strong perfumes, these are the general groups of perfumes you can look for:

  • Oriental perfumes. In summer and fall they are more appropriate for evenings, but in winter languid women’s perfumes based on musk, amber, cinnamon, nutmeg manifest themselves more delicately and give a special warm charm to a woman. Maybe some of you even would remember a great time spent in Arabic countries if you happened to be there. (I also do recommend you picking up some oil perfume there, trust me, you won’t regret it when you come back to your cold winter reality)
  • Sweet fruit and berry scents. Raspberry, strawberry and peach cocktail will surely brighten up the dull winter day. It’s like a virtual serving of vitamins for your spirits.
  • Сhypre perfume. Wood and moss notes combined with tangy citrus and exotic flowers may seem to be a bit bitter. But self-confident women will wear this perfume with pride. If you want to go even more confident and extravagant, you may easily use men’s fragrance. Some of them are even prettier than women’s.



Which perfume to choose?

Let’s go from theoretical part to practice and check what is new (or old) in the world of fragrances and what is the best perfume for winter the market has prepared for us.

# 1 Kayali Vanilla 28

This is a nice gourmand scent made specially for those who adore vanilla! Don’t be afraid, it’s quite sweet, not choky but rather warm and long-lasting. If you want to feel like a sexy fresh cake – go for it! This perfume will totally give you many moments of olfactory pleasure.

#2 Cocoa Woods by Nest

Are there some chocolate lovers over there? I bet there are! Well, the next fragrance will definitely rouse your appetite! Due to spicy and woody notes this composition will smell unique and extraordinary!

#3 Her Eau de Parfum by Burberry

You may think that it’s too fruity and light for winter at first, but wait for it, in a couple of moments the scent will turn spicy and warm, just right for a cold snowy day!

# 4 La Femme Intense Eau de Parfum by Prada

This amazing fragrance is designed to make you feel confident and sexy, and the notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and vanilla will tenderly wrap you and carry you through the unfriendly snowstorm to a festive party.

#5 Si by Giorgio Armani

One of my favorites, though it may be too popular and everybody is wearing it, but still, the fragrance is superb, sweet, gourmand, reverent, just feels so good to feel it throughout the day because this girl is so-o-o long-lasting

My personal favorite

Here is my personal list of perfumes I will definitely use this winter:

# 1 Eternity by Calvin Klein

I know that this fragrance is questionable for many women. It is actually not so wintery so to say, a lot of white flowers that make it sound more appropriate for spring. But who says that white flowers don’t sound good on white snow?) And also a strong aroma of clover makes it really spicy for me. Clover is my personal anti-depressant, so I feel really happy and confident wearing this perfume. I can definitely say that this is one of the best perfumes for winter (well at least for me, lol)

# 2 Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Oh My God. I fell for this fragrance just instantly. I suspect that this perfume is for more mature women than me, but, heaven, it gives me the most authentic feeling of beauty, sophistication and ripeness. It may be too heavy for some of you, but for me it’s just right.

# 3 Alien by Mugler

Another one white flower beauty, extravagant, insolent, flaming! This bad boy will set your skin on fire (in a very good sense), but still, be super careful with it, it’s too intense and may turn into poison if you use it too much, I prefer to apply it with my fingertips on a couple of pulse points. Which is, by the way, one of the best ways to apply perfume, but we will talk about it a next time.



The choice is Yours…

I realize that my choice of perfumes may be quite specific, so definitely and absolutely DO pretest before you choose a perfume, only the pretest will reveal the compatibility, it’s a delicate matter, trust your taste first, and my recommendations only may help you to navigate between the endless rows of perfume in online and offline shops.

All the mentioned above perfumes have some intangible quality that makes them the best perfumes for winter. They are warm, they are cozy and soft as a blanket, festive as a Christmas day. Winter is a hard season for many people, you don’t get enough sun and warmth, people often feel depressed, which means we should take extra care for our soul and body, I guess that perfume therapy is one of the best means to rise your spirits and make winter your favorite season.


With love,