What made me decide to discuss this topic with you, guys? First of all, not all the people actually know about decanting perfumes, I want to enlighten you today and try to structurize all my reasonings why you should at least try ordering a perfume decant or a perfume sample.

What are decants and samples? 

A perfume decant is a smaller sized vial or bottle of perfume that is not a manufacturer’s bottle, nor is it factory sealed. As a rule, the perfume decants are hand poured from the original manufacturer’s bottle into smaller bottles depending on the volume you require.

A perfume sample is distributed by the manufacturer in a small vial with a volume of around 1 to 2.5 ml.

Why choose perfume decants and samples?

First of all, it’s cheaper. You can save a lot of money just by ordering small samples and decants without paying for the whole bottle. Moreover, some of the samples can be given away for free! You may go to your local perfumery shop and ask shop assistants if they have any. If you have a Sephora shop in your city or you shop there online consider yourself lucky, every time you make a purchase they give away free samples (not necessarily perfumes, but it’s also very pleasant). 

Secondly, I’ve learned that there is a site called Tryspree, I have just registered there and ordered my first sample. Basically, they take orders from you for sending free samples to your address, you choose among the variety of different goods including perfumes, but there are so many other goods you may want to test as well. The shipping is free, as well as everything on this site, they work like a broker between the consumer looking for free products and manufacturers, who want to promote their products with free samples. Easy, but not quick, I guess. I will keep you updated and share if the package actually came. Those of you, who live in Nothern America, may receive it early.

There is a list of other websites, that provide you with free samples, you may check them as well:
1) Getitfree.us 

2) Freesamplesmail.com

3) Hunt4Freebies.com

Some of them may be not available in your region. 

Another way to get free fragrance samples is to buy a magazine like Cosmopolitan and see if they have some samples inside as a promotion. I used to do this as a teen, I mean I didn’t buy the magazine solely for the sake of samples, no, but it is very pleasant to get some extra thing while you read an interesting article. I wouldn’t rely on that way though, it’s more like a lottery.

Where can I find perfume decants? 

Here are some ideas for you, first of all, I can’t ignore the fact that there are so many online shops now which sell decants, one of them is SCENT SPLIT. A rich variety of perfumes to your liking, let me show you: this is the full list of brands they use for decanting

I chose the Amouage brand for fun, just look at how many decants they have and look at the price! For me, it’s a cornucopia!

Let’s go further, I decided to click on Sunshine and see the actual prices. Well, it has to be mentioned that you see the minimal price for 1 ml, if you want bigger size you will pay more, I am choosing 6 ml glass bottle, the price is 27.99 USD, 1ml bottle was unavailable already, I assume it’s because such volumes go out first.

Anyway, if we make simple math and pretend that you are ready to spend 100 dollars on niche perfumery (by the way, it’s almost impossible to find a niche perfume for that price), so if 6ml bottle will cost 25 USD in average, you will get 4 perfumes!!! Even more if you order 1 ml bottles, but I recommend ordering bigger volumes because you need to use them more than once or twice to understand if you like it or not. Scent Split ships worldwide if your order is more than 150 USD. So I definitely recommend you go there and buy a decant of a perfume you were dreaming about.

Perfume shelf life 

Have you ever thought if perfumes actually have a shelf life? Let’s find out. Perfumes have an official expiry date: around 3-5 years if you don’t open them and around 1,5 years if you use them. Don’t worry, you may continue using them even when they are “expired”. I still have a bottle of untouched perfume I was presented with around 6-7 years, and I can’t see any traces of deterioration. By placing the expiry date, the manufacturer only wants to protect itself from claims that would follow from those who stored perfumes improperly. The thing is that perfumes contain a great amount of spirit, which is a great conservant by itself, that’s why it’s impossible to destroy the composition if you store it properly (just as well as the vintage wine). 

Here go two conclusions:

1) No matter when the mother bottle was bought – nothing is going to happen to your decant. 

2) You can actually do your own decants from your old perfumes, or perfumes you are tired of and give it as a gift or sell it to some other people for competitive prices. All you need is an automizer, which you can buy anywhere in Aliexpress or Amazon. For example like THIS

You just need to remember simple rules or storing perfumes: no light, no heat, no moisture! That’s it, so simple!


I think that decanting perfumes (especially niche once) is a great chance to save money and space and experience new sensations and emotions with perfumes that previously were not available for many people (due to geographical and financial reasons). What is your opinion on it? Would you like to order decants and samples? Have you ever?

With love,