Today there is buoyant demand for natural and eco-friendly products, especially cosmetics, body and hair care products and fragrances. Why? The answer is obvious, not only people are becoming more and more aware of the environment situation (though using some natural ingredients is strictly limited due to their extinction status, in this case, use of natural ingredients is out of question, and they have to be replaced by synthetic ones), but also they are concerned about the health of their skin and body in general. Some synthetic ingredients may be toxic, dangerous and also cause allergies. And as we know, allergies may have very dangerous symptoms. These are the main reasons for choosing perfumes with natural ingredients, but let’s move further into this topic. It’s quite controversial.


What is the difference between natural and synthetic perfumes

First of all, not all the perfumes are 100% synthetical or natural. There is always a balance. Some companies use more natural ingredients, some use less, it is a conceptual and financial question. Naturally, natural components are more expensive 🙂 So, this is the first difference – the price. The more natural ingredients a perfume has, the more expensive it will be. Though not always the case, some synthetical components may also be expensive, they need to be developed, tested and approved, they also should be safe to use.

Natural essential oils are highly diffusive, so the perfume itself will be not so persistant. But anyway it will depend on your skin qualities and many other factors. Some experts note that perfume with 100% natural ingredients will be not so rich and deep because synthetical perfumes consist of about 200 components and natural have about 10 times less of those.

But perfumes with natural ingredients will sound differently on different people, natural ingredients are more interactive and depending on the skin type, and temperature, and natural scent will open up differently. Synthetical ingredients sound similar on any skin. Moreover, synthetical ingredients are very strong and their smell is stronger than the natural skin scent.

There are different opinions about natural perfumes, some experts affirm that it’s very easy to distinguish between natural and artificial scents because the natural scent will sound odd and very strange to our noses used to smelling synthetical fragrances. Others say that only professionals can distinguish the difference. So this question is still open. Everything depends on the talent of a perfume creator.Making-perfume

Short historic reference

Perfumery as the art of creating odors and as a profession appeared long ago. For thousands of years, the masters of this business have studied and gained experience, and nature generously gave inspiration and necessary materials. The creations of ancient perfumers were used in temples, palaces and ordinary houses – this is evidenced by vessels with traces of incense, which are still found during excavations. From simple combinations of fragrant natural oils, masters gradually moved on to creating refined and complex distillates, perfumes and perfumed cosmetic products.

If in ancient times perfumers used botanical aromatic substances in their original form, then since the middle of the 19th century they have already learned how to extract individual components from them, such as, for example, vanillin and coumarin (a substance obtained from beans). After some time, there were invented methods of synthesizing such substances even without using natural ingredients – this is how the first artificial flavorings were obtained. And from this moment, the history of modern perfumery began.

Modern world and natural perfume

Perfumes with natural ingedients are becoming more and more popular today, the companies that produce them are small, but they do exist, let’s take a look at some of them.

1) GOOP 

This is the brand of a famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow, she is a fan of healthy nutrition and lifestyle. That is why her brand suggests harmless eco-fragrance.

Edition 01. This is a unisex fragrance. According to the creators, this fragrance carries you to a cozy place like a library. The scent reminds of sitting in a cozy chair by the fireplace, wood and pine scent are floating in the air, and you can feel the scent of book pages.

2) Olivia Giacobetti was already popular for working with L’Artisan Parfumeur, Diptyque and Guerlain when she decided to establish her own brand Honoré Des Prés.

In 2008, she introduced five organic fragrances. Unusual combinations of wormwood, sage, basil, sunflower have impressed fans of eco-perfume.

Two years later she came up with the new collection with an interesting package including “coffee-to-go cups” bottles.


Initially, the Barneys New York series by Red Flower included aroma candles and flower teas. Today we are talking about a variety of eco-products for the body and hair. The scents were not ignored either.

The founder of the company, Yael Alkalay, who previously developed the Shiseido brand as its art director, took part in their creation. Yael has an amazing ancestry; among her relatives are Turkish rabbis, farmers from Argentina, Kiev musicians and Bulgarian dermatologists.

Such a unique combination of cultures and traditions affected the eccentricity of aromas. Moreover, perfumers promise pleasant side effects after using their aromas.

Ambrette, a unisex perfume that combines geranium, hibiscus, cloves, frankincense, pepper, rose, stimulate mental activity. Champa’s fragrance for women treats headaches. Guaiac for women, based on grapefruit, tobacco, roses, relieves stress.Natural-perfumes

One more important thing…

Don’t be misguided by the naturalness of the natural perfume. Among natural components, there are a lot of allergens. Choosing a perfume with natural ingredients doesn’t grant you safety. It’s rather a conceptual thing. And it’s also a matter of taste. If you are going to choose a natural perfume, be sure to pretest it and see your skin reaction, it’s very important!

I wish you good luck in finding your perfect natural fragrance,


With love,