Today I am going to talk about specific brands and manufacturers. An essentric, bright and captivating brand Therry Mugler has caught my attention this year, I can’t say that all the fragrances are perfect for me, but they never leave me indifferent, as I told several posts ago, one of my favorite winter perfumes is Alien by Mugler, I am totally in love with it. But today we are going to speak about Thierry Mugler new fragrance line called Cologne Collection.

The collection is represented by 5 scents, extravagant design, and shocking advertising campaign – apparently, Thierry Mugler still has fresh memories of psychedelic sixties and raving nineties.

Thierry Mugler Cologne Collection

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Thierry Mugler Cologne

This is how it all started. In 2001, Mugler, who had already broken into with Angel, A*Men, and Innocent, released Cologne. At first, it seems that creating a classical Cologne is a step back for the brand, but the choosing Alberto Morillas as a nose turned out to be very accurate: Cologne turned the idea of ​​the classical genre upside down.

The backbone of the composition is quite traditional: a powerful and juicy citrus start (bergamot, lemon, petitgrain), a generous portion of a watery-jasmine hedion. At the base, there is a sophisticated musk complex that “prolongs” the sound of invigorating citruses for several hours (Firmenich, the company in which Morillas worked all his life, is famous for its signature musky odorants).

thierry-mugler-cologneCologne has a special, rough texture; when you inhale its aroma, you get the feeling that you are touching the embossed fabric. First of all, this effect is achieved due to small amounts of coumarin and anise aldehyde. But there is another important aspect in Thierry Mugler fragrance, it is attractive and hypnotic, immediately standing out from a huge variety of related aromas. The brand has a ready official response: this is a secret “S note”, simply like this.

Growing bigger

In August 2018, the Rainbow Collection line started: the original Cologne was renamed to Mugler Cologne Come Together and in addition to it, they released four new compositions at once – the bright green cologne acquired the same bright relatives painted in all colors of the rainbow.

thierry-muglerThe collection is based on the true cornerstone – Come Together, the original cult Mugler cologne, it presents its sensual and scandalously attractive sillage that has been making this fragrance successful since 2001. This is a combination of petitgrain and white musk, which gives a sensual, persistent freshness to the skin and a secret note “S”, which makes you recall the most intimate moments.

Each of the four new colognes is made with an eye to the already classic 2001 Colony of Morillas; new compositions are trying to preserve the basic character of Mugler Cologne, but at the same time, they are exploring adjacent olfactory territories. These are floral, aromatic, aquatic and woody compositions.


Love You All is an sheathlike, sensual fragrance in a blue bottle, that exudes cold and heat, exciting emotions. The velvety smoothness of blue licorice, the sensuality of white ambergris and the disturbing vibration of the secret note “E” make it the most voluptuous second skin in the world. Love You All, fresh and light, is an ode to inner peace and self-confidence.aquatic


Fly Away fragrance is placed into a yellow bottle.
Fly Away is a waking dream, a phantasmagoric fragrance that leads you somewhere between fantasy and reality. What is its secret? The fusion of a diabolically fragrant hemp chord and the sharp radiance of yellow grapefruit, enhanced by the secret note “C”: all this creates an invigorating aroma that captivates the senses. Fly Away represents the penetration of notes of grapefruit and hemp, a unique chord that challenges all the laws of gravity.grapefruit


Purple bottle proudly contains Run Free – a bold and adventurous exciting aroma. It combines the burst of almost flawless orange blossom, which reveals amazing freshness, with the woody brightness of Akigalawood®, which provides its sophisticated uniqueness. A secret combination of fresh notes of aroma personifies the winds of freedom. What else? The secret note “D” that emits a wave of pleasure is a breath of freedom to challenge the unknown.


Take Me Out is a radiant, positive and invigorating scent. In its heart there is an almost flawless orange blossom that illuminates the freshness of a freshly picked shiso leaf, leaving behind a sparkling pulsation and a tenacious freshness on the skin. Take Me Out is an ode to life and energy. Mugler reinvented its cologne with a fresher essence than ever, making Take Me Out a unique fragrance. What is the trick? Secret note “P” releases a burst of energy and arouses feelings.

As a result, we have five different aromas, and you may find your favorite among them)

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